Daily Mail disclosed method Skripal transmission MI6 secret data

Daily Mail disclosed method Skripal transmission MI6 secret data

British agent, a former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal, who were injured in the result of the use of nerve agents in Salisbury, twice passed secret information to London while working for the British intelligence service MI6. For this, he made notes in the books invisible ink, the newspaper Daily Mail.


The edition published on September 28 excerpts from the work of the journalist of the British broadcasting Corporation bi-Bi-si Mark Urbana, which he wrote based on interviews with former GRU Colonel.

It is argued that Skripal in the 90-ies became acquainted with a British intelligence agent named Richard Bagnell, who suggested that the Russian work for MI6.

According to the newspaper, Skripal worked at the Russian Embassy in Spain and received for every meeting with Bagnella a few thousand dollars. However, after returning to Moscow in 1996, scouts had to find a new form of communication.

The journalist notes that Skripal was twice transferred to the British secret data with the help of books, the pages of which were written in invisible ink. He passed through his wife, who in 1997 and 1998, were on holiday in Alicante and málaga, respectively.