Alyssa Milano shamed for cleavage at the hearing on harassment

Alyssa Milano shamed for cleavage at the hearing on harassment

MOSCOW, September 28 — RIA Novosti. Social media users condemned the outfit Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano, who came to the hearings in the U.S. Senate, where he handled a sexual harassment lawsuit for Brett Cavanaugh in relation to Christine Blazey Ford.


Christine Ford has previously accused the Supreme court nominee U.S. harassment, which, she said, took place over 30 years ago while training at the University.

Alyssa Milano was among the first Hollywood stars who started the sexual harassment. It has launched a flash mob #MeToo in which women talked about how they faced harassment.

Twitter users considered the outfit of the actress too geeky.

“How can we take seriously how dressed Alyssa Milano at the hearing? How much disrespect with this open neckline,” wrote @kimpoises.

“She needs to show more deep cleavage,” said @MikeJBarnes.

“That’s so Hollywood with her hand,” wrote @dasbat81. “Cover yourself up. You’re not in a nightclub,” said @LuLuWhoLu.

However, there were those who stood up for the actress.

“Why is everyone picking on her appearance? Her neckline was not the subject of today’s hearings! Or neckline is now outlawed? Or woman cannot be taken seriously if it demonstrates part of his sexuality? This is an important part of the problem,” said @librarianmom4.