Yoga ruined the wedding photos, by refusing to “leave the frame”

Yoga ruined the wedding photos, by refusing to “leave the frame”

Netizens can’t decide who is right here.


On the day of the wedding, the couple want everything to be perfect, especially pictures that will remind them about the event. But someone else’s wedding is not a reason to abandon their habits or plans. Apparently, so thought the Australian couple who settled for yoga in Carlton gardens in Melbourne.

Brazen #Yoga couple ruins a wedding photo shoot by refusing to move – but social media is divided about who is in the … – Daily Mail

— Yoga News (@YogaLatest) September 27, 2018

Near them were wedding photos, and that young people were not included in the frame, the guests and the photographer asked them to move a little. But yoga has flatly refused to change the location and I think even began to train on the camera.

“This position, of course, had to be done in the background of the wedding photo shoot. And to stop everything immediately, when the shooting was over,” wrote on Facebook a woman who witnessed the incident.

However, in social networks, opinions are divided. Some users have noted that the couple came to the Park first, besides this is a public place, but because the wedding guests had to find another place for beautiful pictures. Others wrote that a simple matter of manners and culture, and therefore yoga could be a little bit and move for the occasion.

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