What will change in life of Russians from 1 October

What will change in life of Russians from 1 October

Fines for developers, storing data about online conversations, the new rules of marriage registration and other innovations.


In October comes into force several changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation. As innovations will affect pensioners (the company now needs to report on employees of retirement age), and entrepreneurs who promise to facilitate the registration of legal entities. in addition, the country will increase some existing penalties will be new, including real estate developers. Read more about the most significant innovations of the month read in the traditional material of “News”.

Married with an open date

October 1 (and again at the end of the active summer “wedding season”) in Russia will change the rules of registration of marriage. The bride and groom will now be able to choose the date of your ceremony, provided it is not earlier than one month and not later than one year from the date of submission of the application.

However, in some cases — for example, pregnancy of the bride — to register you, without waiting for the expiry of a minimum period of one month. Choose the date can now be remotely submitting an application via the state services portal.

“The implementation of the proposed changes will allow the citizens to choose the date of state registration of marriage, including remotely, without the need for personal appearance in the bodies of civil status, with use of Federal state information system “Single portal of public and municipal services”, — stated in the explanatory note to the document published on the website of legal information. View the text of the document on the official portal of legal information.

On the development of a bill to amend the Family code, announced in the spring, summer approved the document in the state Duma. Still the check could only be conducted on a specific day in a month after submission.

It is expected that the new measures will not only facilitate the lives of the newlyweds, but also allow you better regulate the download of registry offices, and reduce corruption component, because the couple often tried to “negotiate” with the staff, to be able to hold the ceremony in your chosen dates.

Shared construction: fines for companies and officials

October in Russia will operate the new penalties associated with the violations in the sphere of shared construction. As developers, and government officials can now face administrative liability if the company didn’t make information about joint construction in a Single information system of housing construction (EISIS).

About the beginning of the service, the Ministry officially announced in January 2018, in may was approved the order of placement of information. In particular, the system must make information about the projects, connected with attraction of means of shareholders, information concerning the availability of the permission to input of objects in operation and activities of the Builder in General.

In July 2018 of the Code of administrative offences was supplemented with article 13.19.3 providing for liability for representatives of regional Executive authorities if in their territory is a shared construction, which was not included in EISIS and for the developers themselves, not placing the required information or made it with violations.

However, penalties will not be severe — officials for such violations will have to pay 15-30 thousand rubles, and legal entities — from 50 thousand to 200 thousand rubles. However, if such breach to the company or official is caught again, the punishment will be more severe.

Officials will face a penalty from 40 thousand to 80 thousand rubles and disqualification for the term from one year to three years. Legal entities in this scenario will need to pay from 200 thousand to 400 thousand rubles.

In addition, for the issuance of unfounded opinions on documents related to the project share building, officials will face a fine of 50-100 thousand rubles.