The former commander Chepiga called the investigation of Bashirova schizophrenia

The former commander Chepiga called the investigation of Bashirova schizophrenia

BLAGOVESHCHENSK, September 28 — RIA Novosti. Former cadet commander of the far Eastern higher military command school (DOKU) Anatoly Chepiga, which were part of the “investigation” of the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal, Chairman of regional branch DOSAAF of Russia of the Amur region Alexander Borico called “mild schizophrenia” media reports that behind this name hides Ruslan Bashirov.


On Wednesday, the British Bellingcat project, in collaboration with Insider publishing, previously published materials, did not have a confirmation, said that the suspect was the London of involvement in the “case Skrypalia” Ruslan Bashirov “actually” is allegedly a GRU Colonel named Anatoly Chapiha.

According to Insider, Anatoly Chapiha was born 5 April 1979 in the village of Nikolaevka of the Amur region, graduated from DOKU and went to serve in the 14th brigade of the GRU. According to the newspaper, OU Chepiga has played an important role in the second Chechen war. Ruslan by Bocharovym, according to the publication, he became after moving to Moscow, where he graduated from the Academy Department of the armed forces.

Alexander Borico told RIA Novosti that before DOSSAF he was in DOKU the commander of the battalion of cadets.

In 2001, I released a cadet by the name Chapiha. I did the military and I can say that the information in the media about his alleged involvement in the history of Kripalani smacks of an easy schizophrenia. In DOCU was preparing military officers for combat duties, Chapiha actually fought in Chechnya, but he was not prepared for intelligence activities.Alexander Borschovychi commander Anatoly Chepiga

The spokesman also joked that he plans to change the appearance. “I think me English exploration also included in the list because I was the commander, it is necessary to do plastic operation” — he joked.

Earlier official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova said that the release of that accused by Britain in the poisoning Skrobala Ruslan Bashirov is a GRU Colonel Anatoly Caigoy, stuffing.