“Militia wave” broadcast interference

“Militia wave” broadcast interference

In the joint editorial interior Ministry revealed an especially large theft.


As it became known””, on charges of fraud, arrested the former chief editor of radio station “Militia wave” Andrey Kulakov. According to investigators, a retired Lieutenant Colonel, received a severe wound in Chechnya and was awarded the order of Courage, having to reduce tariffs on advertising, caused PKU “joint editorial interior Ministry”, which includes the popular radio station, damage to more than 20 million roubles. mister Kulakov, denying selfish motive, explains the decrease of approved rates the crisis in the advertising market.

Retired MIA kulaks were arrested Tagansky district court, which asked his colleagues from the Ministry of internal Affairs for the Central district of Moscow. The other day, dismissed the claim of his defense, the court left it in the special block of SIZO “Bear”.

According to sources, “b”, criminal case concerning Andrey Kulakov, who left PKU last year, was initiated by results of interdepartmental check.

The auditors followed and the investigators found that in the years 2015-2017 Mr. Kulakov, deceiving leadership of the police Department, made the unfounded reduction of tariffs is established and approved by the interior Ministry that led to the loss of at least 23.5 million RUB.

Moreover, the investigators found that loss of advertising budget could be stolen (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code). Are another two brought by Mr. koulakov accountant and a publicist, which is to take custody did not.

Newsthe state Duma has approved the confiscation of the money of corrupt officials in favor of FIU

Andrei Kulakov also arrested immediately. When it became clear that during the second Chechen campaign officer of the kulaks was the head of the press center of the grouping of the interior Ministry in the Republic, awarded the order of Courage and a lot of medals, was seriously wounded by fragments of exploding bombs and wounded, the judge extended his detention for 72 hours, giving the investigation an opportunity to justify the arrest of a combat veteran.

The reason, according to “Kommersant”, became operational skills that the officer Kulakov received in a short period of service in the interior Ministry Goosby, as well as a property that supposedly had relatives in Germany. And the fact that Andrei Kulakov was detained not at home, and his ex-wife, with whom he lives for many years, was interpreted as an attempt to abscond.

Mister Kulakov involvement in the theft denies, on the grounds that the reduction of tariffs was a forced measure to attract advertisers, the number of which after the crisis of 2014 was significantly reduced. Their problems he connects with a long-standing conflict with a colleague at the interior Ministry, who then got promoted. To the radio station the arrest of its former editor-in-chief is not commenting.

It should be noted that the “Militia wave” is the largest departmental radio not only in Russia, but perhaps in the world. Now it is broadcasting 101 is in the city’s 27 regions, which are home to tens of millions of people. “Wave” together with the newspaper “Shield and sword” and several magazines included in PKU “joint editorial interior Ministry of the Russian Federation”. Previously, its activities are directly supervised by the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

Sergey Sergeev