British family for 10 years, visited a 1000 pubs across the country

British family for 10 years, visited a 1000 pubs across the country

Parents kept their word given to the son.


Sheila and Keith Latchford from English town of Kidderminster became heroes to the British and international media after they began spending time in pubs. But their history is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Wetherspoons sees family visit every pub chain in UK | the Daily Star

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The couple have two children — daughter Amy and son Christie. In 2007, Amy took a job in a chain of popular pubs Wetherspoon. Parents and younger brother decided to visit her, but Chris at the time was only 17 years old, but because the entrance to the saloon was closed. Besides, Chris is autistic, but because of the situation he perceived very emotionally. It was then that the parents gave him a promise and made them famous.

They promised my son that when he turns 18, they will visit all the Wetherspoon pubs in the country. Chris these words are not forgotten and parents had nothing to do, how to fulfill the promise.

Pub, the family visited on weekends and during travel, but because it took ten years to implement this plan. In September 2018 the family Latchford drank sparkling wine in your thousandth bar.

Wetherspoons TOUR: Family spends DECADE visiting 1,000 pubs in the UK chain

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But, according to travellers, in the UK there is one unconquered pub, which is located in the fifth terminal at Heathrow airport. There they plan to look during your next vacation.