The labour Ministry will propose to abandon the word “disabled”

The labour Ministry will propose to abandon the word “disabled”

The Russian officials intend to abandon the use of the word “handicapped” and replace it with a more neutral term. About it have informed “news” in a press-service of the Ministry of labor.


Including in the country can abandon the generally accepted translation of the words persons with disabilities and to remove the term “persons with disabilities” of the 181-FZ (“On social protection of disabled persons”). The Ministry stressed that the state assignment for research work on this topic in 2018 will be sent to the Federal Bureau mediko-social examination. Also the issue will be discussed with public organizations of persons with disabilities.

The Director of the Institute of education development HSE Irina Abankina told that to replace the word “disabled” can the phrase “people with special needs”.

Informed from the words “persons with disabilities” Russia advised the Committee of the United Nations (UN) on the rights of people with disabilities. The organization praised the state program “Accessible environment” for 2011-2020, and also noted the increase in the number of pupils receiving inclusive education.