Putin replaced the Governor of the Astrakhan region

Putin replaced the Governor of the Astrakhan region

In place of the head region 14 years Zhilkina Morozov came from the customs service.


The President of Russia has appointed Deputy head of the Federal customs service (FTS) Sergey Morozov, acting Governor of the Astrakhan region. This was reported today the Kremlin website.

NewsPamfilova did not rule out holding new elections in the Republic of Khakassia at the expense of the outgoing Governor

“The Governor of the Astrakhan region, Alexander Zhilkin — he’s long been working, and he requested a transfer to another job,” he said. Putin noted that to customs Morozov worked as the assistant Secretary of defense, and the customs experience will be useful to him in the area where “approximately 13 per cent of GRP directly formed at the expense of foreign economic activity”.

Morozov was appointed Deputy Chairman of the FCS in August 2017. Prior to that, he was assistant defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and members of the Federal guard service (FSO).

59-year-old Zhilkin — the native of the Astrakhan region. He made his career in the region in Soviet times on the Komsomol in 1988, becoming the first Secretary of the Astrakhan regional Committee of the Komsomol. Since 1991, the leadership of the region, in 1990-1993 — the Deputy of the state Duma. Zhilkin has been the Governor of the Astrakhan region in 2004, won the early elections. After the reassignment in 2009, he again won the direct elections for Governor in 2014.