Elijah wood took a ride on the scooter and became a hero meme

Elijah wood took a ride on the scooter and became a hero meme

Another star of the social networks became more.


Screenwriter Christopher Robert Cargill, published on Twitter cute the British actor Elijah wood, known for playing hobbit Frodo Baggins in the fantasy Saga “the Lord of the rings”.

In the photo the actor is going down the street on a rented electric scooter. And his happy facial expression suggests that he likes a lot.

Nothing to see here. Just Elijah Wood riding by on a rental scooter. pic.twitter.com/UFCI8U1jOa

— C. Robert Cargill (@Massawyrm) September 24, 2018

Nothing unusual about that. Just Elijah wood goes on a rented scooter.

The happy wood could not go unnoticed, and web users instantly made it a new meme. It not only describes a happy event, but also complements any kind of reality.

This has got to become a meme somehow… it’s too perfect.

— Alex Lehew (@TheHattedGamer) September 25, 2018

There should be a new meme. It’s too nice.

When you destroyed the One Ring and brought lasting peace to the realm pic.twitter.com/eWH4jnC1Kl

— Sam Van Haren ? (@SamShotFirst) September 25, 2018

When you destroyed the Ring and brought peace to middle earth. View this post in Instagram

Publication of NAY AND JILL (@jitley) 25 Sep 2018 6:54 PDT

During the download an error has occurred.I’m on my way to steal your girl.

Where was that thing when he was making the walk to Mordor? Could’ve saved a ton of time!

— Tom Gibbs (@TAGibby) September 25, 2018

Where was the scooter when he went to Mordor? Could save a lot of time!


— چوباشا (@Chewbashaa) September 25, 2018

Smell the popcorn!