The court banned two Russians to smoke on the balconies in their apartments

The court banned two Russians to smoke on the balconies in their apartments

Krasnoyarsk regional court has banned two people of Divnogorsk to smoke on their balcony because the smoke could be heard from neighboring apartments, says Newslab.


The representative plaintiff Evgeniya Rusakova told the publication that the woman several years complained to the officials on the cigarette smoke and asked for their Smoking neighbors not to smoke in her window. The situation has not changed, and she went to the police where the facts of the offense are not found. After the appeal to the city court of smokers was ordered to pay her five thousand rubles compensation for moral damage, but it did not suit the woman, and she appealed to a higher authority. In the end, the regional court has satisfied the requirement to ban Smoking on the balcony of a residential building and left in force the decision on recovery of compensation.

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A similar thing happened in Novosibirsk. There citizen two years pleaded with the neighbor and demanded to forbid him to smoke on the balcony, but received only five thousand roubles of moral harm. At the same time, the Supreme court ruled that to forbid people to smoke in their apartments can not, but their neighbors have a constitutional right to a healthy environment, and they can seek compensation from smokers.

Adopted in February 2013, the anti-Smoking law defines where Smoking is prohibited: entrances, elevators and stairwells, public institutions and around them, as well as metro stations, airports and ports.