Russian tourists abroad spend an average of 67 thousand rubles

Russian tourists abroad spend an average of 67 thousand rubles

MOSCOW, September 25 — RIA Novosti/Prime. Clients of Sberbank in the summer spent abroad 141,23 billion rubles, follows from the study of the credit institution, analyzed card transactions. The cost of tickets to this amount was not included.


Most of the money was spent in Italy (for 8.55 billion), Turkey (8.4 billion) and Spain (6,75 billion). The following countries in the list — France, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, USA, Czech Republic and Finland.

Average spending of a tourist, rasplachivatsya card of Sberbank amounted to 67 thousand rubles for a trip. These funds were used to pay for hotels, the calculations in clothing stores, supermarkets and restaurants.

From 141 billion to 34.7 billion people withdrew cash from ATMs.

The highest level of expenditure per person is marked in French Polynesia and Monaco 168,8 thousand rubles, and 124,1 thousand rubles, respectively. And the lowest in Honduras, where the Bank’s clients spent less than 5 thousand rubles a day.

The study showed that the most expensive trip per person made by residents of the Sakhalin region, Kamchatka Krai and Primorye. Their average expenses abroad this summer exceeded 50 thousand rubles.