In Ukraine, we invented artificial fat

In Ukraine, we invented artificial fat

KYIV, September 26 — RIA Novosti. The students of the agricultural University in Sumy, Ukraine has developed artificial salsamenteria of vegetable oil and gelatin.


“Our bacon is a healthy alternative to regular bacon. In addition, artificial fat we can do with any tastes: salty, with pepper and other spices, sour, sweet, different fat content”, — quotes the Professor of nutrition Dmitry Viduka Wednesday edition of “Today.”

According to him, artificial fat, in contrast to product of animal origin does not contain many harmful substances and it can eat even vegetarians. Bidyuk noted that the taste of salsamenteria was developed thoroughly and even foodies will not be able to distinguish it from the present.

Now in the lab working on the biofilm, which will replace the cellophane. It can be used as packaging material, packages, or plastic wrap.