Scientists have explained why the lovers are gaining weight in a relationship

Scientists have explained why the lovers are gaining weight in a relationship

At risk were as newlyweds and new couples.


New love brings not only joy and happiness, but a few extra pounds. This is evidenced by a new study of American sociologists from the organization OnePoll.

They interviewed 2 thousand people in relationships and found that on average for the time of the Roman people gained about 17 pounds, 7 of which were in the first year of the relationship.

Interestingly, the lovers men grew fat faster and more women are 69% and 45%, respectively.

And this applies to both new couples and those who are just married (regardless of how much of this the young people met). 57% of respondents admitted that in the first year of marriage gained about 7 pounds. And weight gain occurs, during the next five years.

The main reasons that causes excess weight in a romantic relationship, sociologists have described the dinners in the restaurants and trips out with food and alcohol (41%), ordering food at home or cooking a joint dinner (34%), as well as comfort in relations, when all the attention goes to the partner, not to maintain “form”. In addition, the factor of increase weight also includes the reduction of activity in favor of “cozy home evening”.

However, how to gain weight and to get rid of extra pounds easier together.

According to experts, combines proper nutrition and exercise may increase the understanding between the partners. 52% of respondents admitted that the joint exercise brought together with their loved ones, and you will lose weight in these conditions much faster than those who engage in alone.