A pensioner found a love letter that 236 years

A pensioner found a love letter that 236 years

It was hidden in the puzzle.


73-year-old Anne Eaton, a British living in Staffordshire, was accidentally discovered by a Declaration of love, written in 1782.

Her family has long been kept in the envelope-puzzle Georgian transmitted from generation to generation. These envelopes, modeled after origami was popular in the eighteenth century. Usually they were intended for love letters and proposals of marriage. The recognition was accompanied by the poems and drawings of pigeons and turtles. A sealed envelope with the picture of the heart represented the heart of the author of the message.

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The envelope, which Anne inherited from mother, never opened. When an elderly woman decided to print it, she found on the inner side of the paper touching the note. The love of a young man confessed their love for each other by all the canons of his age.

“My love! Heart that you hold in your hands will break when you print a message. And my heart covered with love pain, wounded and broken,” begins the letter lover.

The young man assures the girl that she was his only joy, and asks to drive all rivals. He said he would not know peace until the beloved will not be his bride.

Message from the past pensioner is hoping to sell off at least 200 pounds (17.3 thousand). Bidding will begin October 15.

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