A boy of seven four years was friends with wild snakes

A boy of seven four years was friends with wild snakes

Parents are afraid, and reptiles happy.


Some people keep dogs and cats, others rejoice fish and parrots, but the 7-year-old Devesh Adivasi from the village Patoda the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh brought home snakes.

The story began four years ago when a small boy had a wonderful dream about snakes. Waking up, he talked about it parents, and then went into the jungle. After a few hours he returned with two snakes.

Newshero of the day: dog saved his owner from a bite smarticle was terrified and tried to protect his son from such a strange friendship, but Dawes was adamant.

For four years, the boy became friends with the 15 reptiles. Usually he goes into the jungle, finds there two or three snakes and takes home. For a few days, they become best friends: together, sleep, play, bathe and dine, and after a few days Dawes returns them back into the wild. According to the boy, he knows his snakes “in your face”. A special attachment he has to the three of them — these themselves crawling back to him from the forest to feast on something tasty.

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Fortunately, all home Devesa snake — not poisonous, but they never bit the boy.

Local residents believe the child is special and assured that he has “divine powers and abilities”. Adults have long put up with such Pets student, but the other kids try to avoid it when he goes out with his reptiles.