Teen 49 days drifting in the sea in a wooden hut

Teen 49 days drifting in the sea in a wooden hut

10 of the ships sailed past, not paying attention to him.


19-year-old boy from Indonesia 49 days struggling for survival in the open sea after it with a fishing hut was carried away by a strong wind.

Aldi novel Adilang living on the island of Sulawesi, from the age of 16 helps the family to fish for sale. It was his duty to keep the fire in the lamps that attract fish into traps near the floating huts. This is a traditional way of catching fish in Indonesia.

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Floating hut was in 125 km from the coast. Once a week someone was giving the guy water, food and took fresh fish. These huts are attached to the bottom with a rope and are held by special buoys.

In mid-July wind storm blew the hut down with the boy far out to sea. Adelange left in stocks for a few days. He stretched them in the hope that one of the ships would soon notice it and raise on Board.

The guy caught a fish and cook it on the fire, burning a little wood, from which was built the cabin. Sea water it was filtering through the clothes to reduce the salt content.