Makeup in the subway: why are we so annoying?

Makeup in the subway: why are we so annoying?

One of the main causes of irritation of passengers in public transport in the UK — women who put on makeup during the trip. Bi-bi-si understanding why it causes such strong emotions in many of the British, and what do you think about makeup in the subway, the Russians living in London.


Michael Boyle ‘ 61. He was not always lucky with a fellow traveler on the train. Once to a nearby place in the subway the girl who applied the makeup, by accident blew on my powder and the powder was all over his face.

Another time a girl sitting next to him on the train, I decided to use perfume. She wanted to splash a few drops around his neck, and as a result hit Michael in the face. According to the man, as he began coughing loudly, the neighbor frowned and was angry at him.

“The place of makeup in the bathroom, not in the train”

In England and especially in London, no surprise the fact that women wear makeup in public transport. Train driver in London underground told Bi-bi-si that, recently I watched a middle-aged passenger per trip was not only able to erase the nail Polish on the feet, but also managed to apply a new layer.

Publicly makeup in public places in the UK, no one is judging. But according to a survey by Bi-bi-si, many it is really annoying.

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Passengers who don’t like that women apply makeup on public transport, saying that it’s too personal a process that all have to do at home. Unhappy use different arguments:

  • “I seem to be on the train. But as soon as I see a woman who does makeup, I immediately feel in someone’s bathroom. It’s very uncomfortable”
  • “Why can’t they get up 10 minutes earlier and do it at home?”
  • “It’s unhygienic. Imagine how dirty the subway. They touch handrails and the same finger applied lip balm”
  • “I keep staring at them in the hope that they will still be ashamed. But they never pay attention”
  • “What do you care?”

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Many of the interviewed bi-Bi-si opponents of makeup in the subway are men older than 50 years. “The idea that makeup is something secret and needs to be put in a special place — conservative and a bit dated,” says makeup artist Nick Chapman. According to him, times have changed. Makeup has ceased to be a womans secret. Today most viewed video on the Internet is makeup lessons. And women themselves are not ashamed to say that I use makeup.

The salon owner Rachel moss believes that nobody has the right to dictate to women where her makeup.