Journalist Time spoke about his work at the Moscow Bureau of the magazine

Journalist Time spoke about his work at the Moscow Bureau of the magazine

A famous American Time magazine for the second time in a year has changed hands. The purchaser of the publication was the American billionaire Marc Benioff. The sum of transaction is estimated in $190 million On the next cover of the magazine in October you will see the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, billionaire Oleg Deripaska and former adviser to trump by Paul Manafort. The magazine has always belonged to Russia biased, says for “Газеты.Ru” people who worked there in the era of the cold war, journalist Nikolai Pokrovsky.


I came to work at the Time as a translator and the magazine office on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow in the late 1960-ies. That’s when I in may 1970 it appeared in the magazine cover with a picture of Brezhnev with bloodshot eyes.

Brezhnev in General often published on the cover, but the reaction was a little afraid. Sometimes trying to understand what the reaction, as times were tough and the descent will not give.

I was then working in the Department of the diplomatic corps, and besides us nobody could work in the Bureau of Western publications. To Time I’ve had to work in the Bureau of the UPI with the great Henry Shapiro. The one on which went saying “two worlds two Shapiro”, as in the Soviet newspaper work of its namesake.

In Time magazine, I came to the translator, and then became assistant Bureau chief. My duties included the organization of travel, interviews, filming — it gave me a budget and I was paper what I’ve spent. Since I did not steal, me they appreciate.

And then, many years later, Time was the main magazine of America. In the “Golden age” the magazine’s circulation stood at 26 million copies. The journal was also known by the rubric “man of the year”, which stated about the person who played a major role in this year.

But Time magazine was right and conservative, and I always compared their approach with the well-known story about the liquid poured in the glass. So, for them, all that concerned the Soviet Union, the glass was always half empty. Hostility and even hatred of the Soviet Union it was felt always.

I remember in my day, Time published a story about how a journalist drove along the TRANS-Siberian railway and made this report. The main point in this material was broken homes, neglected stations and restaurants with poor food, but as soon as the reporter was in Poland, he sang eulogies of the local ducks and geese. I’m not saying that all of what wrote, did not exist, but they have all been either black or white — no shades.

Even when there were positive — for example, our success in space — it has always been said: “What price?”.