American arrested for helping animals during a hurricane “Florence”

American arrested for helping animals during a hurricane “Florence”

A good deed turned to women with big problems.


In mid-September for a few us States were hit by a hurricane “Florence”. Element destroy everything in its path, has not managed and without victims. Many people in haste left their homes, throwing the fate of their Pets, which helped the volunteers.

Those who are worried about their Pets, but couldn’t take him, he applied to various animal protection organizations. One of these, and supervises resident of North Carolina Tammy hedges.

The article isthe Story of one shelter dog: Tina the storm, so she opened a small shelter, which could accommodate 17 cats and 10 dogs (their owners are unable to take Pets with them during evacuation).

All the time while in the state the storm raged, Tammy and other volunteers around the clock caring for the animals and provide them all necessary support. But her noble deed was not appreciated by the officials. After the hurricane receded, Tammy received a call from local service representatives on the animal control. He noted that the woman broke the law by opening the shelter without the appropriate license, and demanded the transfer of all animals to the appropriate authorities.

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The woman did so, but a few days later she was arrested for providing medical services for animals without a veterinary license.

Tammy recognizes that some wards were given the drugs, but claims that they were preventative and were necessary because during a hurricane were not working veterinary clinic.

After a couple of days Tammy was released on bail of 10 thousand dollars. Her supporters and volunteers called the accusations “nonsense.” They have created a petition to drop the charges and organized a fundraiser for legal fees.