With the Russians recovered the cost of his stints

With the Russians recovered the cost of his stints

Factory regional court of the eagle has agreed to the demands of the penal colony № 3 (IR-3) in the Kursk region, which filed a lawsuit against the convicted for compensation of costs for its maintenance. This was reported on the website of the court.


Representatives IR-3 stated that the man refused to work for offered him paid, although he has no reason (e.g., disability of group I or II or the granting of an illness). At the same time it provided food, clothes, hygiene products, he also provided utility services.

During the period of serving sentence convicted on its content in total was spent 119,5 thousand rubles.

The court granted the petition and explained that based on the requirements of the Criminal-Executive code of Russian Federation. “The mere fact of evasion from work entails laying on of the convicted person of the obligation to compensate expenses on the maintenance of the correctional institution”, — says the publication.

It is noted that the decision has not yet entered into force.

In September a resident of the Khanty-Mansiisk Autonomous district told reporters on extortion in the Surgut penal colony, where is serving a sentence her son. According to the woman, correctional staff require inmates money for “the quiet life”, and if the person refuses to pay, he was transferred to solitary confinement or separate area with strict conditions.