What products do harm to the nerves?

What products do harm to the nerves?

Aephi answers popular questions from readers.


Some studies show a link between human nutrition and health of the nervous system. Stand out the products that are useful for nerve cells and brain as well as those that could have a negative effect.

Toxic fish

Specialists of the National center of research in the field of health found that fish, to accumulate mercury in itself, can cause people neurological syndromes. A special risk group — pregnant women and newborn babies.

Mercury that enters the atmosphere through the waste, under the influence of natural processes is converted into a toxic organic compound: methylmercury. It gets into water and accumulates in fish. The higher the fish in the food chain, i.e. the larger, the more it can be toxins: it absorbs the poison from the eaten by smaller marine life. Management under the control over products and medicines of the USA and the Agency for environmental protection United States issued a joint Bulletin of the fish that accumulate the most methylmercury.

This shark, swordfish, king mackerel, Golden bass and tuna.

Research School of marine Sciences and atmospheric science at the University of stony brook showed that the concentration of mercury in wild fish above from two to twelve times lower than in farmers.

According to the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, approximately 60,000 children are born annually with threats to the development of neurological problems due to exposure to methylmercury in the womb. Prenatal and infant exposure to this compound negatively affects attention, memory, visual-spatial skills, and coordination of the child. Consequences of toxicity of methylmercury in humans can cause depression and paresthesia (numbness, which occur spontaneously burning sensation, tingling, pins and needles).

TRANS fats, salt and sugar