The purse strings: how to protect your card from thieves

The purse strings: how to protect your card from thieves

— RIA Novosti, Alexander Forest. For the first six months of this year from Bank cards of Russians stole approximately 1.2 billion roubles — almost twice more than in 2016.


Changed and fraudulent methods: if earlier the emphasis was on scanning maps and making duplicates, now more and more in the course Internet technologies. How to avoid becoming a victim of advanced fraud — in the material RIA Novosti.

Chicken grain by grain

The wide spread of Bank cards with contactless payment function made them an easy target for the crooks. If earlier shchipachev have perfected sleight of hand to sneak the wallet out of another pocket, and now contactless cards carry them for most of the work.

Scammers acquire payment terminals and go hunting in public transport, shopping centres and other places of a mass congestion of people.

Although on the cards with contactless payment has a limit of about 1000 rubles, in the morning metro in just a few hours can be “self-fulfilling” two or three average Russian salaries, applying a terminal to bags and briefcases, while the sleepy and unsuspecting passengers ride these salaries to earn.

To protect yourself from such thieves in several ways. The easiest is to buy a shielded wallet. However, before you put all your cards, make sure the screen is working: check if the payment in any of the nearby grocery stores.

The second method is a simple, but more reliable: get another card of the same Bank. What’s the point?

You leave home base card, but with taking a second, completely blank. If you want to spend the money, open the mobile app of the Bank and transfer to it only the necessary amount.

The rest of the time holding the map is empty.

This will help save money and trips abroad, and when making online purchases. Known cases where even such a respectable company as kept in the offices of the printing data of Bank cards of the clients in the clear, and the travelers did not even know existed.

Another plus of this method: many banks issue payment cards with lots of useful features, including bonus miles, cashback (the return of the funds for the purchases) and so on. It turns out that it is not only safe but also profitable.