The pilots and dalnoboishiki? The Ministry of labor will allow women to enter male-dominated profession

The pilots and dalnoboishiki? The Ministry of labor will allow women to enter male-dominated profession

The government is considering the cancellation of restrictions of the specialities included in the official list of prohibited for women. The paradox is that women in these occupations have not rookies.


In Russia since 1974 has the official list of 456 types of work prohibited for women because of the harm reproductive health. Today, a number of professions is outdated or has changed. The Minister of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin promised to remove restrictions on working in the bakery, on-air, sea, river and rail transport, for drivers of heavy vehicles and machinery.

However, women without official permission of Mr Topilin long mastered the male-dominated profession. For example, “Aeroflot” more than 20 ladies-pilots, said the commander of the crew of the Airbus A 320 first-class pilot Andrei Litvinov.

They have proven themselves as good people, good pilots. Throughout the world women pilots are working, and no problems with it does not happen. To fly a plane, Yes, difficult, but they cope. I flew with the pilots and commanders know, our girls are already flying commanders, in the “Airbus” and “Boeing”. Second, the pilots had. Flying is absolutely not worse, some even better than men.Andrei Litvinov, commander of the crew of the Airbus A 320

Women on the ship ceased to be a bad omen. They stand at the helm of ocean liners under the Russian, and not only flags. By the way, abroad in the recruitment team the sex of the applicant have not important. Important experience, education, and foreign language. Well, sometimes even a visa. Often sailing is a family affair: he’s a mechanic or assistant, she’s the captain.

Very positive attitude. I know the girls captains, communicate. They are no worse and sometimes even better perform his job. They are very successful, these girls. They are not only the captains, but they later holding senior positions, then coast. I had one case, one girl rode on the same boat with us as a tourist, then got the idea to become a captain. You will not believe it, but she now works as a senior assistant captain on a large cruise ship, passenger, travel. Soon to be captain.Roman Lisalin the captain of the ship “Arabella”

In may 2018 the Internet competed in wit men, leaving comments on the photos of BelAZ, crush KAMAZ fuel truck at the gas station. The driver of BelAZ. It turned out that in the Kuzbass, where all this happened, women drivers BelAZ much.

A female trucker, if not become commonplace, it certainly ceased to be the perfect exotic. As a rule, a career starts with a substitution behind the wheel of a tired husband. Then many come to independent flight. Although for a woman to drive a truck still hard. On autopilot is not set, but if freeze diesel, zabarahlil the engine, pull the wheel, to solve the problem will have on their own.

For men it is hard work, and for women it is generally associated with bad consequences. For young women who have yet to give birth, long sitting, quite dirty, heavy, physically heavy work. I not to mention special equipment. I know a woman on a tractor “Belarus” working, substitute for the husband. They are somehow together, he on the truck, and she’s on the tractor. I will say that this is not a mass phenomenon quite rarely, when a woman chooses the profession of a trucker. Really not a woman’s job, of course. Although, I do not deny women any work that she likes.Sergei Gulyaev member of the coordinating Council of truckers in Saint-Petersburg

By the way, a profession that will soon officially become female, fairly highly paid. Least of all in this list, according to the company HeadHunter, get truckers — about 60 thousand rubles. Salaries of Russian pilots in major airlines — from 350 thousand to half a million. Of this amount starts on the earnings of the captain of the ocean liner or oil tankers.