Schwarzenegger celebrated the Oktoberfest with my son

Schwarzenegger celebrated the Oktoberfest with my son

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Arnold Schwarzenegger went to the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich together with his son and girlfriend Heather Milligan.

Oktoberfest 71-year-old actor and politician celebrated the birth of his son, although 25 years, Patrick turned a few days earlier.

“It was a complete fiction”, — has signed a Schwarzenegger-senior photo in social networks.

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On one of the pictures Schwarzenegger keeps a large mug of beer. Next to him is his son. Both are dressed in traditional Bavarian leather shorts lederhosen and hats. Heather Mulligan, a friend of actor and physiotherapist, is also dressed in folk costume.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 71, gets into the Oktoberfest spirit as he enjoys a stein of beer with son Patrick, 25, and … – Daily Mail

— Arnold Schwarzenegge (@ArnoldSchwarz24) 23 Sep 2018

A visit to the Oktoberfest became an annual tradition Schwarzenegger.

In March this year, the actor underwent emergency heart surgery. He was admitted to the hospital for valve replacement catheter, but during the procedure there were complications.

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