The American clocked on the bike to 295.6 km/h

The American clocked on the bike to 295.6 km/h

The result was a new world speed record.


Check American Denis Mueller-Koren’ok passed through the bottom of a dried-up salt lake Bonneville in Utah, USA. This route is regularly used to establish the maximum speed in road races because the smooth salt surface of the lake reduces friction. Bike 45-year-old mom of three children, a former champion of the USA at the mountain bike and track Cycling, dispersed with the help of dragster to 240 km/h and, after the cables were disconnected, Muller-Koren’ok dispersed independently another 5 km.

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Bike the record-holder of lightweight carbon materials have been equipped with special gears for stability at high speeds. The previous world record in 1995 established the Dutchman Fred Rompelberg: 268,7 km/h. the previous record for women was set in 2016 itself müller-Koren’ok: then she clocked up 237,7 km/h.