Russia has created a portable solar battery for Chukchi yarangas

Russia has created a portable solar battery for Chukchi yarangas

It stores energy from solar cells by day and releases it at night.


Researchers from the Scientific and technical center of thin film technologies in energy sector (part of the group of companies “Renova group”) have developed a “suitcase” solar cells that produce electricity day and storing it overnight. The wearable device consists of two solar cells with efficiency above 20 percent, with a total capacity of 105 watts. It allows you to accumulate up to half of a kilowatt-hour, which is sufficient to energize the lighting, recharging mobile phones, tablets and laptops. A press release received “the Attic”.

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The total area of the panels in the unfolded view of about half square meter. In the folded — half. Inside the “suitcase” is a lithium-ion battery with a durability of not less than 1,500 cycles of charge-discharge (under standard operating conditions — up to 2, 000 cycles). This corresponds to several years of daily use with a full charge the whole battery. In addition to the battery is the inverter that turns DC current from solar cells into AC socket at 220 volts and two USB ports for charging electronics.

Battery capacity — 480 watt-hours. This corresponds to a consumption of four bright led lamps during 12 hours, or the amount of energy required to fully charge approximately fifty modern smartphones or laptops ten. Maximum power, output device if needed — 250 watts, but it can work no more than a couple hours.