In Russia found the remains of the oldest animal on Earth

In Russia found the remains of the oldest animal on Earth

Ancient animal could be identified with the help of fat cells, found on the territory of Russia. The age of the finds amounted to 558 million years.


The study was conducted by an international team of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Australian national University and the University of Bremen, Germany. The results were published in the journal Science.

The most ancient identified animal was dickinsonia — fossil animal of the ediacaran period (635-542 million years ago). It was opened in the mid-twentieth century, but until now it was not clear until the end whether she was really an animal, or treated fungi, lichens, or special, not the existing realm of nature.

Australian researcher Ilya Bobrovskiy found on the territory of Russia near the White sea, the remains of dickinsonia containing molecules of cholesterol. This allowed us to put an end to the debate — the presence of cholesterol in the body peculiar to animals only.

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