In order SANA proved to be a record of the filming of “staging himataki in Idlib”

In order SANA proved to be a record of the filming of “staging himataki in Idlib”

The Syrian news Agency SANA published in advance of the video dramatizations himataki in Syria’s Idlib province.


Some time later, the video became unavailable on Youtube, of news it has also been removed.

In a five-minute video presents several “versions” of the incident, moreover, it is noted that the one and the same people appear in different qualities. At the beginning of live on earth is a man — allegedly the victim himataki later it will be transferred to the stretcher in the ambulance, in other episodes this person already acts in a role of paramedic and pours water on the victims.

The Agency claims that the trapped in his possession footage that proves the staged nature of the record. According to SANA, these fragments are duplicates of shots taken for the preparation of the staging, which will trigger strikes of the coalition led by the US on the Syrian army.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Russia announced the delivery of militants sarin in the hospital of Idlib. Before that, the Russian authorities have already reported about the preparation of provocations in Syria with chemical weapons. According to the authorities, in the Syrian province of Idlib delivered eight containers of chlorine, there has arrived “group of trained fighters”.