In Peru, a candidate named Hitler running for mayor

In Peru, a candidate named Hitler running for mayor

MOSCOW, September 21. /TASS/. Peruvian by the name of Hitler Alba Sanchez announced his candidacy for mayor of the village Ungar in the Department of Ancash in the country’s West.


However, as reported Thursday a local radio station “Ere-PE-PE,” his compatriot Lenin, Vladimir rodríguez Valverde was sent to the electoral authorities a statement demanding a policy to deny the right to apply for this position.

Alba Sanchez is right party “We are Peru”. According to mayoral candidate, his political opponents used Rodriguez Valverde to contribute to the victory of the other candidate for the post. “I am a good Hitler,” says the candidate. He said that no citizen is familiar with Rodriguez and Valverde.

Politician has held the post of mayor Ungaro in 2011-2014 from centrist party “Peru Possible”. According to the candidate, the opponents have never given up trying to discredit him because of the name. “Surely my father named me because it sounded foreign, he didn’t know the history of Hitler,” — said Alba Sanchez. He admitted that he thought about the possibility to change the name, but refused from this idea of respect for parents.

In the end, the electoral court of Peru has refused to withdraw the candidate with the unusual name from the electoral race, because not found legal grounds for it. On the reaction of Rodriguez and Valverde on this decision is not reported.

In Latin America it is customary to give newborn named in honor of famous historical figures. For example, the current President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno name. The name given by parents who were supporters of the leftist. Among Hispanics also popular names Napoleon, Lenin and Stalin.