China urged the US to lift sanctions because of Russian weapons

China urged the US to lift sanctions because of Russian weapons

China made the US a serious view in connection with the introduction of us sanctions related to the continuation of military cooperation of China with Russia. “The Chinese side expresses its strong indignation at the unreasonable practices of the United States,” said foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang. He urged Washington to “correct the mistake” and cancel the restrictive measures.


The foreign Ministry of China stressed that such actions of Washington are seriously undermining relations between the two countries, including military ties, and violate international law, AFP reports. The Ministry has assured that the Russian-Chinese cooperation is carried out in accordance with international law and not directed against third countries.

20 Sep USA in the framework of the law CAATSA (“ON countering the enemies of America by sanctions”) imposed sanctions against the Chinese Department of training of the troops and the supply of the Central military Commission of the PRC and its head Whether Sanfu. The reason for the introduction of restrictive measures was the purchase of ten fighter jets Sukhoi and multiple systems s-400.

Just black list the US 72 people and companies related to the fields of defence and intelligence. Of these, 33 were added on 20 September, the decision was made after the signing by President Donald trump decree tightening control over the American sanctions against Russia, which gives the Ministry of justice and the Department of state additional powers.

We will remind, in August in connection with a case of poisoning in British Salisbury former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia Washington has completely banned the sale of arms and goods and technologies of double purpose, and in addition, introduced a number of financial constraints. A second package of sanctions is expected in November. The US state Department promises that it will be “very hard”.

Help“Draconian” measures: the US is preparing to impose the most severe sanctions against Russia

The first round of sanctions because of the case Skrobala entered into force on 27 August. And this is only the beginning.

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