Britain decided to create kibervoyska to attack Russia

Britain decided to create kibervoyska to attack Russia

UK will create liberated to fight with Russia. About it reports TV channel Sky News.


In a division that is created under the guidance of the Ministry of defence and government communications Center will consist of approximately 2,000 specialists that the channel is four times more than currently available “cyberbytes”. The implementation of the plan to create the squad will spend at least 250 million pounds (over $ 330 million).

Clarifies that the division will undertake operations of offensive character.

September 17, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the Alliance is ready to respond to cyber attacks from Russia. According to him, the attack by Russian hackers on any of the member States of the Alliance will allow us to apply the provisions of the fifth article of the Charter of the organization of equating an attack on one country to attack the entire unit.

On 11 September, the Russian FSB reported on the creation in Russia of a new structure to counter cyber attacks on key facilities of Russian infrastructure.