Why we love bees and hate wasps? If this is true?

Why we love bees and hate wasps? If this is true?

People hate and fear wasps but have warm feelings towards bees.


According to a study published in the journal “Ecological entomology” (were interviewed 750 people from 46 countries), the bee people are treated with love and respect. OS the picnickers, fearful of their stings, frankly, I can’t stand.

Researchers believe that this attitude is unfair because the wasps have exactly the same ecological value as the bees. Scientists even suggest to start a special campaign to promote the OS and improve their image.

Study participants were asked to rate different insects on a scale from minus 5 to plus 5 (where -5 is the most negative rating and 5 the most positive).

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Bees basically got plus three and above, and wasps from negative three and below.

Respondents were also asked to name their associations with the word “bees” — it was “honey”, “flowers”, “pollination”. But with wasps associated “sting”, “obsession”, “dangerous”.

But wasps also pollinate the flowers that kill pests and beneficial to the environment, like bees, scientists say.

The study was headed by doctor of Syrian Sumner from University College London. According to her, the reason for dislike of wasps that people just don’t know about their important role in nature.

“People don’t realize their value, she said. — While you think they belong on your beer or a sandwich with jam, they are much more concerned with finding insects to feed their young”.

Syrian Sumner studied all the scientific papers and studies on wasps and bees for the last 37 years. Since 1980, the bee was written 886 studies of 908, about wasps — a total of 22 studies. Scientific interest in them is small.

The lack of research on the benefits of the OS hampers efforts to protect them in the wild. The number OS in the world is declining due to changes in habitat and climate.