The electoral Commission of Primorsky Krai has cancelled results of Governor’s elections

The electoral Commission of Primorsky Krai has cancelled results of Governor’s elections

The election Commission of Primorsky Krai has cancelled results of Governor’s elections, reports “Interfax”. For this decision voted 12 of the 13 members of the Commission, 1 against.


“The election results cannot be considered reliable. The regional electoral Commission recognizes that significant violations of voting can serve as a basis for the election to be illegal,” — said the Chairman of krajizbirkoma Tatiana Smooth, bringing to a vote the question of the recognition of elections invalid.

Earlier, the CEC recommended that the electoral Commission of the region to cancel the election results due to “several factors”. Impossible to determine whose side could be the majority, explained CEC.

There have been two rounds of gubernatorial elections. The first took place in a single voting day on 9 September. On them the candidate from “United Russia” Andrei Tarasenko scored 46,56% and the candidate of the Communist party Andrey Ishchenko — 24,64%. Due to the fact that none of the participants could not overcome the threshold of 50%, the region has appointed the second round.

Recommendation Of The CEC

CEC has sent to Primorye, a Commission to verify the results of voting on elections of the Governor in the second round. Today in the Primorsky electoral Commission received more than 200 complaints of election fraud, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the representative office. Yesterday it was reported about 60 complaints.

“Two representatives are working in Vladivostok, two representatives have gone to areas of the Soviet district, Artem,” — said the representative of the regional election Commission Natalia Kamaeva. According to her, the CEC representatives will probably visit other areas, and speak with the candidates that participated in the second round. In parallel, a preliminary examination is carried out by officers of Primorsky Department of insurance.

The second round of elections was held on Sunday, September 16. From the very beginning was in the lead the candidate from the Communist party, but during the counting of the latest protocols, United Russia managed to get ahead. After processing 100% of protocols Ishchenko scored only on 7650 votes less than his opponent. Both sides began to accuse each other of fraud. For example, the Communist party has announced that it is preparing lawsuits to challenge election results for Artem, Ussuriysk, Nakhodka and the Soviet district of Vladivostok. In addition, Ishchenko said about “stealing votes” and urged people to go on “strike deceived the voters.”

On the same day, CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said that the electoral Board recommends that the regional electoral Commission to declare the election invalid. In this case, the election can be held in three months.

Reliably determine the results of elections of the Governor General, on the edge of impossible, I came to the conclusion of the CEC. Later in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov,” she said about the discovery of stuffing around 14 500 votes on 19 sites in Artem and Ussuriisk. “We noticed that 19 polling stations in Artem, Ussuriisk, where suddenly, unexpectedly, when exceeded 90% of the input, suddenly went to re-input protocols. And we see that there has obviously been rewritten protocols and were stuffing. And, in total, was added somewhere 14.5 thousand [votes] in favor of Tarasenko, it obviously was. We have seen that in the gas “Vybory”,” leads her words TASS.

That said candidates for the third round

Ishchenko opposed the abolition of the election results. “This is absurd. Why do it? No, I disagree. We elected a Governor,” he said.

Tarasenko made controversial statements. First he said he would not participate in the third round. However, in less than an hour, his opinion changed. “Let’s stop while that in the third round to go”, he said. His press Secretary Elena Burmistrova said to “Interfax” that the final decision he will take after a meeting of krajizbirkoma.

The purpose of massive fraud was not a victory of the acting Governor, and the cancellation of the election results when it became clear that Tarasenko plays with too much margin, said The Bell. In major cities would have to “rule” up to 15% of the ballots. On the night of the counting of votes, the interlocutor of the edition has received from his friend, political consultant, worked at the headquarters Tarasenko, the message: “I Want to cancel the elections”. The strategy was to annul the results of the “dirty” elections and 90 days to hold a second vote with the same candidates, the newspaper notes.

According to another version, Tarasenko will leave office “within two to three coming weeks” and will be appointed the new acting. About it report sources of “Kommersant” close to the presidential administration. Who exactly can replace it, not specified.