The art of protest: Parking only “drug dealers” appeared in London

The art of protest: Parking only “drug dealers” appeared in London

Parking only “drug dealers” and road signs “Give to the dealer the road” appeared in East London.


Local residents hired artists from the group’s Columbia Road Cartel, so as to draw attention to drug-related crime in the district of tower Hamlets. According to local residents, the drug situation has deteriorated sharply in recent years: the streets became more and more dealers and drug addicts who throw used needles in the hallways.

Utilities are quickly removed and installed in the framework of “road signs”.

Tower Hamlets News published on Sunday, 16 September 2018At boot time the error occurred.

Penny creed, Deputy Chairman of the Association of tenants of Columbia Road, said that the drug addicts on the street gather in groups of eight to ten people waiting for dealers:

Cars and mopeds come around on the sidewalk, they have a very dangerous driving. The son of one local resident was hit by such a dealer.

According to creed, addicts go into a residential home. On the stairs in the hallways still have their needles and even blood.

In social networks inhabitants of the area are outraged that for a few weeks waiting for replacement of lamps of lanterns, which broke the drug dealer. But to remove signs installed in the framework of the campaign, public utilities came after a few hours.

Interesting that we are still waiting for the @TowerHamletsNow to replace street lights taken out by a speeding drug dealer several weeks ago but they can remove the art work highlighting the issue in a matter of hours @MayorJohnBiggs #columbiaroad

— ColumbiaTRA (@ColumbiaTRA) 17 Sep 2018

“I was approached by addicts and have asked if I sell something. And drug dealers came up and asked me if I have to buy something”, said Bi-bi-si, another resident of the area.

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A spokesman for the local Council said they were with the police working on solving the problem.

“The rest of the London borough of tower Hamlets sometimes faced with egregious cases of drug trafficking. We understand the discontent of the residents.”