Take the mushrooms you buy the car. The state Duma will return to the Russians procurement office

Take the mushrooms you buy the car. The state Duma will return to the Russians procurement office

MOSCOW, 20 sen — news, Alexander Forest. The beginning of mushroom season, the deputies of the state Duma are going to allow everyone to earn money by collecting herbs, mushrooms, berries and medicinal plants. The bill this week submitted to the lower house of Parliament and will be considered in the near future.


What will change in the Forest code and what income promise to the population of the gifts of nature — in the material RIA Novosti.

National treasure

Business on food production starts with raw materials. Most related agribusiness sectors (grain, meat or dairy products) procurement of raw materials is a long process demanding not only time but also considerable financial investments.

NewsIn the Leningrad region a wandering mushroom had been in the woods for 11 days

With herbs it is much easier and more profitable — they grow by themselves, do not need fertilizers, hangars with farm equipment and, most importantly, their distribution in the country due to natural causes exceeds the acreage almost four times.

The current law of the Russian Federation not only reaffirms the right of Russians to collect wild plants, but exempt from taxes, even if you collect berries, mushrooms and herbs for sale.

However, there is an obstacle, actually forcing the collectors of wild plants go in the shade. The current version of the Forest code of Russia obliges citizens earning on the harvesting of mushrooms and berries, take forest areas in rent for 49 years.

But any mushroom will tell you that wild plants do not grow in abundance from year to year in the same place. To amend the law, and at the same time to return to the Russians the points of reception of berries, mushrooms and medicinal plants determined by the state Duma.