Pamfilova: the elections in Primorye was the capture of Ticks and massive stuffing

Pamfilova: the elections in Primorye was the capture of Ticks and massive stuffing

Of seizures Tics and massive stuffing, wearing a criminal nature, at the election of the Governor of the Primorsky territory said on 19 September, the Chairman of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova broadcast talk-show “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on TV channel “Russia-1”.


“There were no complaints particular to the moment when 98% has already passed, then the miracles began. Speaking, the two heavy points, two issues which we traced in the system of gas “Vybory” is 19 polling stations in Artem, Ussuriisk, where suddenly, when 90% of the input has passed, suddenly came the repeated inputs of the protocols, and we see that there has obviously been rewritten protocols and stuffing”, — Pamfilova said, adding that such violations are made from the squalor of the mind and lack of professionalism.

According to her, about 14.5 thousand votes were added in favor of Tarasenko, and then, after the introduction of 91.5% of the protocols, their input has stopped, because in the Soviet area of Vladivostok was put in interference in local Teak.

And did so, according to Pamfilova, members of the state Duma from fraction of the Communist party. Then in connection with the alleged smoke was caused by MOE representatives, which has blocked the work of the Commission just at the beginning of the input protocols.

“There was a seizure of the Teak weird people… the reason was — the imaginary smoke. As a result, the Commission has lost control over the documents at the 13 sites where we could vote up to 24 thousand voters,” said the Chairman of the CEC, adding that all of these actions are criminal in nature.