Chinese tourists made a scene in Central Stockholm (video)

Chinese tourists made a scene in Central Stockholm (video)

Social media laughing, and diplomats resent.



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Tourists from China for a long time do not have the best reputation in the world. At one time the government of China even issued a special brochure and video tutorials, as traveling citizens should behave, going outside of the country. But apparently this is not very helpful.

In mid-September, the media and social networks spread the video as a family from China crying, screaming and asking for help, lying on the sidewalk in Stockholm, while beside them stand several police officers. Resonance the video provoked an international scandal, which was joined by Chinese politicians and diplomats. These unpleasant staff, and background:

Zeng family (mom, dad and adult son) came on a trip to Sweden a day earlier than planned. The hostel refused to settle them before the booked number because of lack of space. Without thinking, the tourists decided to stay there comfortably for the night right on the sofas in the lobby. According to the staff, to the entreaties of the family went and threw a tantrum, and then management had to call the police.

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Police arrived at the tourists also did not react, and the head of the family and even pretended to be “terminally ill” and said that she can’t move. Then law enforcement officers forcibly carried out of the hostel and belongings of Chinese tourists and the Zeng, a senior.

In the street the Chinese began to shout loudly, fell all along on the pavement and cried, accusing the police of torture and humiliation. Witnesses of the incident filmed the event on video, which later published in social networks. Passers-by alleged that the police behaved very correctly and respectfully tried to cope with a violent family of Zeng.

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But according to the tourists themselves, Swedish police scoffed at them, shoved into a car and beaten. And later thrown out of the cabin near the forest and the abandoned graveyard, “where all night screaming wild animals”.

However, as it became known “abandoned cemetery” is the metro station “Skogskyrkogården” (“Forest cemetery”), which is located near the hostel and walking distance from the city centre.