Pope Francis called sex a “gift of God”

Pope Francis called sex a “gift of God”

Pope Francis called sex and sexuality a “gift of God” and explained the meaning of these concepts for members of the French youth. The meeting of the Pontiff with the young believers was held on September 17.


“Sexuality, sex is a gift of God that he gives us. And this gift of two goals — love and the birth of new life”, — quotes the Pope to the Agency TASS with reference to the print service of the Holy see.

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According to the Pontiff, only “passionate love gives eternal life.” “Real sexy,” he called, the one that comes from deep love.

The Pontiff stressed the need to distinguish between “sexuality from God” and one that “cut off from love and is used for entertainment”, and called on everyone to cherish their sexuality.

In late August, Pope Francis acknowledged the defeat of the Catholic Church in the fight against pedophilia among priests. The crimes of the clergy, he called the source of pain and embarrassment for the Catholic community and promised to eradicate this “disaster”.

On August 15 in the United States for a two-year investigation, a report was published, according to which more than 300 priests of the diocese of Pennsylvania has committed abuse of more than 1 thousand.