The white house has deepened the conversation of the FBI

The white house has deepened the conversation of the FBI

Republicans in Congress promise to prove that the investigation was about the Russian intervention in the elections was politically motivated.


The US President Donald trump has been ordered to declassify documents and personal correspondence of the FBI concerning the investigation about the Russian intervention in the election campaign of 2016. In an official statement, the White house found it necessary to explain that this decision was made in response to “the request of several congressional committees” and “in the interests of transparency” of the ongoing investigation. Democratic lawmakers have called the initiative of the administration attempt to influence the outcome of the upcoming November mid-term Congressional elections.

The decision of the US President to remove the secrecy from the documents relating to the investigation of “Russian intervention”, the White house announced in the middle of the day on Monday. In an official statement clarifies that the administration is going to “publish without editing all text messages (ex-Director of the FBI.— “B”) James Komi (his Deputy.— “B”) Andrew McCabe, (former special agent of the FBI.— “B”) Peter Straka, (ex-employee of the Ministry of justice.— “B”) Lisa and Paige (a senior official of the justice Ministry.— “B”) Bruce’or”.

In addition, declassification shall be part of the FBI, submitted to the court within the framework of the Law on control of foreign intelligence (FISA) were handed down and justifies the need to establish surveillance of a former employee of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump, Carter page, who established, according to American intelligence, “relations with representatives of the Russian authorities, including intelligence officers”.

Also approved by the President list all of the FBI reports about interviews with Bruce PR about the details of the Russian investigation, and interpretation of all consultations associated with the request for the establishment of surveillance of the Carter page.

As said press Secretary of the head of the White house Sarah Sanders, the decision to declassify the documents was made by the President of the United States in response “to the request of several congressional committees and in the interests of transparency” of the investigation.

On 7 September a group of 12 congressional Republicans have appealed to President Trump, demanding to reveal the contents of the documents constituting the basis for the start of the investigation on the possible collusion of the electoral headquarters of the candidate with the Kremlin. According to the authors, the real reason for the investigation was “unsubstantiated” report on candidate trump prepared by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele and “paid” supporters of the Democrats.