From Syrian air defenses, Israeli F-16 hid behind a Russian Il-20

From Syrian air defenses, Israeli F-16 hid behind a Russian Il-20

The defense Ministry explained the reasons for the crash with 15 military on Board.


The defense Ministry explained yesterday the disappearance of the plane Il-20 over the Mediterranean sea. According to the Ministry, he was shot down by Syrian air defense, but the fault of the Israeli pilots, put him at risk. Israel has refused to comment on the incident, but Moscow is not going to turn a blind eye to “irresponsible actions” and promised “an adequate response”.

The representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov was at the briefing said the reasons for the death of a Russian Il-20 aircraft over the Mediterranean sea. Recall that the disappearance of the aircraft, it became known last night.

“Under the guise of a Russian plane that Israeli airmen had framed him for the fire of air defense of Syria. As a result, the Il-20 whose effective reflective surface is an order of magnitude greater than the F-16 (they were used by the Israeli military.— “B”), was shot down by a rocket complex With-200″.

Downed Il-20 was electronic reconnaissance aircraft, which operated in Syria. On Board were 15 Russian servicemen. Rescue operation in the area of the crash is ongoing, but the chances of finding someone alive are almost there.

The Israeli planes that tried to enter the Syrian air defense forces yesterday attacked targets in the area of Latakia. The attack was carried out from the sea. According to Syrian state Agency SANA, the target of the attack was an industrial enterprise.