Finland decided to dissociate itself from the Russian boars

Finland decided to dissociate itself from the Russian boars

Natural resources Institute Finland will assess the need for construction of a fence on the border with Russia to prevent migration of wild boars, according to “Fontanka” with reference to the portal at Maaseudun.


Last week in the Volosovo district of the Leningrad region found three dead wild boars. Examination showed that the animal was the African swine fever virus. Wild boars actively migrate from the border areas of Russia in Finland.

In September it became known about the spread of African swine fever in wild boars in Belgium. In the Finnish Association of agricultural producers said that it threatens the entire European market for pig meat. Finland stated that it will strengthen the monitoring products that come through the ports and the Eastern border.

In the beginning of the month, the Federal Antimonopoly service of Russia has registered growth of prices for meat, particularly pork. One of the reasons antitrust agencies called the African plague of pigs.