An aspirin a day for prevention? Scientists suggest

An aspirin a day for prevention? Scientists suggest

Take the aspirin a day for older people is recommended by many doctors, but new research shows it could cause injury.


It is proven that people who have suffered a heart attack or stroke, daily aspirin helpful. Doctors prescribe aspirin after strokes or heart attacks because it thins the blood and reduces the risk of recurrence of heart attack.

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But the researchers found that for healthy people over the age of 70 years aspirin can carry a risk of internal bleeding, potentially fatal.

The results of the experiment, the experts called an extremely important and warned that aspirin should not be taken daily without the advice of a doctor.

Healthy people sometimes make one tablet per day to reduce the risk of heart diseases. In addition, there is a theory that aspirin should be taken as a preventive measure against cancer. On this account several studies, but doctors have not yet made any conclusions.