A new yacht will process waste from the ocean into fuel

A new yacht will process waste from the ocean into fuel

The project has no analogues.


In the British Southampton presented the project of the unique yacht, which will be collected daily 5 tons of plastic from the ocean and recycle it into fuel.

Our client, @theyachtmarket has just made a HUGE ocean conservation announcement at today’s @SotonBoatShow – the Ocean Project Saviour. For more information, visit or stand E040 https://t.co/DmMIa3ZpBf #TYMSBS18 pic.twitter.com/6Ht9BEG5yH

— McKenna Townsend (@mckennatownsend) 14 Sep 2018.

The cost of eco-friendly yacht under the name “the Savior of the ocean” is estimated at 52 million dollars. It is expected that she will collect plastic, shred it and recycle with minimal atmospheric pollution. The project has no analogues.

The firm that designed the ship, said that she was inspired by the documentary series “Blue planet” produced by Bi-bi-si, narrated by legendary naturalist sir David Attenborough.

According to statistics, every year the ocean gets about 8 million tons of plastic. Humanity produces 335 million tonnes of plastic a year. That’s five times more than 50 years ago.