Who would want a Burger without the meat and who will eat it

Who would want a Burger without the meat and who will eat it

Growing worldwide the number of vegetarians is pushing even the largest fast food chains to flirt with this trend. But can it be called a Burger, what no meat?


What could be better for a real meat-eater than a juicy beef Burger with fresh vegetables and a Golden bun? And what could be further from healthy, free of meat diet, vegetarians and vegans than burgers, long ago became an integral part of fast food?

However, as the number of vegetarians in the world continues to grow, even the largest fast food chains are trying to attract new customers alternative proposals, earlier it was uncommon for them.

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For example, faced with a large percentage of vegetarians in Sweden, McDonald’s decided to try to enter in the menu a new sandwich, not related to cruelty to animals — Macvean. And he has success as vegetarians and from meat-eaters that even led some to talk about the future of healthy fast food.

In 2017, McDonald’s joined forces with the Swedish food company Orkla to develop a completely new type of burgers. On a small kitchenette in malmö, a group of experimenters began working on the perfect not-Burger.

“When the basis you have the meat, it has the taste, says Karl-Johan Freelander, the developer of the company’s products Orkla. — As for soy protein, then he has almost no taste… And the taste this is not very pleasant, frankly”.

To get rid of vapidity, Freelander mixed with fragrant soy protein, onion, pepper and tomato powder which gave the dish a unique red color.

But, as he says, the secret to the hearty taste Macvean in what is called the minds. “Umami is often called the fifth taste, says Freelander. Is the taste just delicious.”

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Without the presence in the dish of this meat with these ingredients mushroom powder, Freelander was able to simulate the sensation of umami (umami, “pleasant taste” in Japanese — flavor high-protein substances, the minds create a feeling of monosodium glutamate used as seasoning, and some other supplements. — Approx. translator).

The main priority when creating a new Burger, he said, was to achieve a natural attractive.