The Swedes have justified the application to determine the Natural fertility Cycles

The Swedes have justified the application to determine the Natural fertility Cycles

37 unintended pregnancies have not abolished the 93-percent effective method.


The Swedish Government pharmaceutical management has completed its review and certified in Europe application to determine Natural Cycles of fertility, which earlier this year were blamed for causing unwanted pregnancies 37 users. The Agency concluded that these cases are not overturned of the declared effectiveness of the method in 93 per cent for standard use. Reported by Engadget.

App Natural Cycles, developed by the Swedish physicist Elina Berglund (Berglund Elina), who previously worked at CERN, allows women to track fertility by using one of the natural contraceptive methods — temperature.The articleAs a woman living with panic fear of having

This method is based on the measurement of basal body temperature (lowest temperature attained in the rest period) immediately after waking up. It allows to indirectly identify the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle (ovulation period is characterized by the basal temperature increases by 0.25−0.5 degrees), and its effectiveness when used properly, is 97 percent.

The application efficiency was confirmed by a study involving more than 20 thousand women, but in January this year, the staff of the South Stockholm hospital reported that out of more than 600 abortions performed in the period from September to December of 2017, 37 occurred through the fault of the application. This made the Swedish government agencies to doubt the effectiveness of the application, despite the fact that the efficiency of 99 per cent reported by the creators of the Natural Cycles, achievable only in the case of “perfect use” application. In the case of neglecting some steps in the temperature efficiency of the method decreases, but still remains high: approximately 93 percent.