The media reported dozens of Russian agents in Switzerland

The media reported dozens of Russian agents in Switzerland

As claimed by the Swiss newspaper Tages Anzeiger, citing data of the Federal Council (government), currently in Switzerland there are dozens of Russian agents. According to the publication, in this regard, the Russian Ambassador summoned to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Switzerland.


The publication said that more than a quarter of Russians, accredited in Switzerland, are spies. It is noted that in the Swiss foreign Ministry officially registered 83 representative of Russia. They work in the Russian Embassy in Bern and the consulates in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. Officially, only three of these people are engaged in tasks associated with special services: accredited military attaché Alexander Provotorov and his two deputies. But according to unofficial sources, the newspaper said, this number is much higher.

As reports Reuters with reference to the statement of the Swiss foreign Ministry, Switzerland has formally demanded that Russia stopped any espionage activities on its territory.