On “Beech” I went through the archives

On “Beech” I went through the archives

The defense Ministry claims that shot down flight MH17 installation since 1986 has not left Ukraine.


The defense Ministry has presented new evidence of innocence of Russia to the tragedy of the Boeing 777 “Malaysian airlines” was shot down on 17 July 2014 in Donetsk region of Ukraine. This time the main evidence are archive documents bearing the number of missiles for anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, from which the plane was shot down and magazines, which the Russian military was able to track the path of a missile from production to deployment in the military unit on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, was presented the audio recording of negotiations of the Ukrainian military with the use of foul language and suggested that “if all this way, *** (sobem.— “B”) is another Malaysian Boeing”. International investigative group responsible for investigating the tragedy, has not yet responded to the statement of the Ministry of defence.

The missile that shot down Malaysian plane, was manufactured in 1986 in Texas, then sent to a military unit on the territory of Ukraine, where Russia never returned. This was reported to journalists on specially collected a press-conferences the chief of the Main missile and artillery Directorate of the defense Ministry, Lieutenant-General Nikolai Parshin. He presented the documents found in the military archives Dolgoprudny scientific research institutes, and they, according to the Russian military, allowed to accurately determine the tail number of the rocket. “The build date of the launch on 24 December 1986. Rocket 29 December 1986 was sent by railway transport to a military unit 20/152. Her real name — 223-I air defence brigade. Was part of the Carpathian military district and stationed in the Ternopil region of Ukraine”, — he said. Mr. Parshin said that this part is never on the territory of the Russian Federation is not displayed.

At the press conference were shown the books, worked with the Russian military. Thus mister Parshin said that the Russian military is ready to share with the Joint investigative group (SSG), which is investigating the crash and composed of experts from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine, for its findings.

We will remind, on may 24 of this year CIG announced the preliminary findings, which indicated the direct involvement of Russia to the incident. According to the SSG, anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk”, which was shot down by Boeing, arrived on the territory of Ukraine from Russia and belonged stationed in Kursk the 53rd air defense brigade of the Russian armed forces. Shot, according to investigators, was produced from the field under the settlement Pervomayskiy, who at that time was under the control of formations of the self-proclaimed people’s republics.

NewsMalaysian Minister called unproven guilt of Russia in the crash of the “Boeing” over the Donbas

The investigation has entered the final stage, however, the Prosecutor’s office in the Netherlands said: to talk about when the case goes to court, is premature. The Netherlands, together with Australia have stated that they intend “to engage Russia accountable” for the incident. Among the requirements to the Russian authorities — the payment by them of compensation to relatives of victims of the crash. Meanwhile, the Russian foreign Ministry said then that the charges are unfounded, and the investigation of SSG biased. The defense Ministry called it “more than probable” that the membership of the missile brought down the Boeing Ukrainian armed forces. Then SSG showed pictures of the rocket, which is now Ministry of defence used to track her.

SSG then also presented a video about the movement “Buka”, which was hit Malaysian liner. The official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated that the images move SAM through the territory of Ukraine — this is an animation made on the basis of a single photo. “Image of the tractor, trailer and “Beech” was built in the image of the relevant area motor street when making this video… the episode showing the movement of “Buka” in Lugansk, also revealed many signs of tampering of the video. Thus, the illusion of camera movement and change of focal length was created by animating static scenes, in particular, demonstrates the lack of perturbation of the foliage of trees and shrubs”, — is spoken in the video presented by the defense.