Dam sump of a chemical plant in the Crimea was partially destroyed by Ukraine

Dam sump of a chemical plant in the Crimea was partially destroyed by Ukraine

The construction is necessary to protect the contents of the sump from mixing with salt water.


Moscow. September 17. INTERFAX.RU — the Dam that protects kislotostabilen plant for the production of titanium diocide in the North of the Crimea from the salt lake Sivash, partially destroyed from the Ukrainian side, said the General Director of the enterprise Andrey Akulov.

“Part of the dam, about half is in Russia and half in Ukraine. (…) We noticed that the dam is partially destroyed on the territory of Ukraine,” — said Akulov reporters on Monday in Armyansk.

“Novaya Gazeta” on Friday published photos of the dam from the Ukraine, made using binoculars 16-fold increase, which shows that its integrity is compromised.

When mixing salt water with the contents of kilocalories a chemical reaction — the release of hydrogen chloride into the atmosphere.

Answering the question of when a chemical plant noticed the destruction of the dam, Akulov said: “Friday was doing the rounds”. “We have asked the FSB in order to check this building”, he added.

Air pollution in the Crimea

Armyansk is a city with a population of about 22 thousand people, located on the Perekop isthmus connecting the Crimean Peninsula and Ukraine. Local residents on August 24, massively complain on social networks for the bad smell and yellow tinge like rust that covers metal objects. On the trees turned yellow and before the time the leaves fell. Some citizens also reported sore throat and rashes on the skin.

Crimean authorities announced the excess in the night of September 4 the maximum allowable concentration of sulfur dioxide in the North of the Peninsula (the condensation formed because of the difference in day and night temperatures), has introduced unscheduled vacation in the schools of Armyansk for two weeks and decided to suspend at this time the work of the Armenian branch of “Titanium investment”, which uses kislotostabilen. Authorities believe fumes from kilocalories one of the possible causes of pollution.