WSJ: trump impose a fee in the amount of about 10% on Chinese goods 17 or 18 September

WSJ: trump impose a fee in the amount of about 10% on Chinese goods 17 or 18 September

NEW YORK, September 16. /TASS/ — the United States 17 or 18 September announced the introduction of fees in the amount of about 10%, not 25% as originally planned, additional groups of goods from China in the amount of $200 billion reported by the newspaper The Wall Street Journal.


According to its sources, the administration of U.S. President Donald trump has also outlined a new round of trade negotiations with the Chinese delegation in Washington on 27-28 September. The U.S. delegation will be headed by the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin.

Bloomberg reported on Friday that trump has instructed his aides to begin to implement the plan, involving ultimately the introduction of additional duties on goods from China. However, the Agency did not call indicative dates of such a step. According to him, the introduction of fees has still not been announced, in particular due to the fact that the US administration decided to discuss the possibility of their improvement.

Trump has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t like the trade deficit with China. On 15 June he announced that, in connection with the alleged theft by China of American intellectual property and technology, and also the fact that Beijing has resorted to unfair trade practices, the US imposes duties of 25% on imported from this country goods worth $50 billion, the PRC Authorities immediately responded with tariffs applied to imported American goods at the same cost.

After that, the U.S. representative for trade negotiations Robert Leitheiser announced the preparation of a supplementary list of Chinese goods in the amount of $200 billion for the imposition of tariffs at 10%. He explained this step the fact that China does not want to change unfair trade practices.